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Thought Upon Awakening

I woke this morning with “The future is only the not yet, thus unremembered, past”. As with the seagull phrase, I have no idea of its genesis; perhaps it is a remnant of some forgotten dream. I know only, like … Continue reading

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The Heroes Who Began It.

It was the sissies and the hustlers and the drag queens-not the middle class faggots deep in their closets who started the road to Freedom. GOD BLESS THEM ALL, EVERYONE, and SHAME on all of us who thought we were … Continue reading

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 Trying to create this new blog site is

 Trying to create this new blog site is slow going.  The techs of it seem impossible, and I’m not sure what I want it to be!  I don’t really like the way it’s appearing, now, but haven’t the sense or … Continue reading

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Cardinal Keith O’Brien had long-term secret boyfriend

I admit to a less than forgiving feeling of “gotcha” Cardinal Keith O’Brien’s public humiliation over his exposure as a sexual hypocrite. As the premier Catholic Scottish bishop, he had been quite vocal in his description of same-sex unions, equating … Continue reading

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Chemical Inundation

The 2012 season of Supernatural had an over-arching story line of creatures who’d escaped from Purgatory (Leviathans) who were creating a food additive chemical that turned people, who ate a steady diet of it, into a mindless food source, and … Continue reading

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People who know me would hopefully call me Smart, Outgoing, Inquisitive, Humorous, Odd and Skeptical but on my less good days I can be Anti-social, Impatient, Tactless and Procrastinating and least good at Manual Co-ordination, Mathematical intelligence and Mechanical Intelligence … Continue reading

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Beginning Again

From another posting (mine): I was really disheartened when Multiply shut down. I’d been on it a couple of years and it was a great discipline for me. I wrote at least one entry a week of no less than … Continue reading

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