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Do we want to get TOO middle-class? Advertisements

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Blog Name: Men of Spirit Erotic Engineering – Phallic Brotherhood Retreat

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A Question of Arrogance?

To disagree with a person’s ideas is no sign of a lack of personal appreciation of their being, or an absence of personal affection. To voice, as articulately as you can, that disagreement, with all its attendant reasons, is communication. … Continue reading

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Larry- In Memorium

We had a death in the facility, this morning, not unusual, given this is a nursing home- except that the death was that of a relatively young person (in his fifties). Deaths of younger people I know always lead me … Continue reading

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Fourth of July Notes

Fourth of July Notes Two hundred and thirty-seven years ago, today, a document, justifying the separation the American Colonies from English rule, was bravely published. In that document was the phrase, “all men are created equal,” a daring, enlightened concept … Continue reading

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On Stopping the World

Back in the now ancient 60’s, there was a musical, “Stop the World, I Want to Get Off!” The notable feature of it was that in the middle of a crisis scene, Littlechap, the protagonist, would call out. “STOP”, and … Continue reading

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Icebergs in a Storm

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