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Happy ever after?

“…..and they all lived, happily, ever after.“ As a kid, I loved reading these words closing the fantasy and folk tales I read compulsively. They were a promise of just reward for every trial and tribulation endured. They were a … Continue reading

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What is Wanted

What is Wanted What is wanted is intimacy- a blend of souls so interwoven one could not tell where one heart begins and the other ends. June 22, 2004.

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Morning Inventory

Morning Inventory I am too enchanted with my failures, too immersed in my orgy of self-doubt. Like a withering rose, I approach my end with placid unease; what might I have been a muted question unanswered in the Universe. What … Continue reading

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Odd One Out?

Someone, in a group with whom I share, asked, “Anyone else want to tackle why they feel like the odd one out sometimes?”  The thing that comes to mind, immediately, for me is, “As for being the odd one out- … Continue reading

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Bobby Jindal Appoints Unethical Hate-Monger Tony Perkins To Law Enforcement Commission

Originally posted on CenLamar:
Earlier this month, Governor Bobby Jindal appointed Tony Perkins, the former Louisiana State Representative and current head of Family Research Council, to the Louisiana Law Enforcement Commission. Tellingly, although Perkins was appointed nearly three weeks ago,…

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To him-

To him- Old man, you ain’t (if ever your were) test ament to testosteronicity! A maze of years have palsied your frame, tattooed your face with their bitter passing, sucked your juices near dry. Yet, your eyes still own wonder, … Continue reading

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The World Ends…

The World Ends… The world ends every day Revelation’s horsemen ride unceasingly vigilent for the weary, for the weak. The lowly mushroom, the proud rose, ants in their hill, bees in the hive all sucumb to the sounds of famine, … Continue reading

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