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American Literacy

Let’s look at our-fellow-Americans’ background (I don’t have a source for this) Only 41% of 25 year olds and older have at least an associates degree. 15% of the US population has a specific reading disorders. 46% of American adults … Continue reading

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Morning Prayer

MORNING PRAYER I am too enchanted with my failures, Too immersed in my orgy of self-doubt. Like a withering rose, I approach my end With placid unease. What might I have been, A question unanswered in the Universe. What did … Continue reading

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For Craig, on a birthday.

For Craig, on a birthday. It does not matter we shall never find shelter in each others embrace; I will love you anyway. It matters nothing I shall never taste Love’s nectar from your willing lips, I will love you, … Continue reading

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Love Through the Five Senses

Love Through the Five Senses Cabbage on a rolling boil- Your scent upon my skin- Incense on an altar, praying- Nocturnal blooming jasmine. The polish on a chapel pew- Laughter in Christmas eyes- Your smile when I come into view- … Continue reading

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In a Night Garden

In a Night Garden Morning will rise. The eternal metronome, that measures each beat of time will brook no pass of perogative; ordained duty only matters. The sweet jasmine of shadow surrenders, always and forever, to the morning glory. 8/31/01

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Alien? I am the alien, the set apart, the stranger, and I walk in shoes to big and too small for my comfort. 6/2/01

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Whining How came I to this place, this endless space, this long, long moving? What evil angel perched on the edge of my mother’s womb and sucked all hope of joy from my soul even as it was becoming to … Continue reading

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