For Craig, on a birthday.

For Craig, on a birthday.

It does not matter we shall never find shelter in
each others embrace; I will love you anyway.

It matters nothing I shall never taste Love’s
nectar from your willing lips, I will love you, anyway.

Love respects not boundaries of gender, space, time, or form.
Love flows where it will flow, for love will love, anyway.

It matters, only, that we understand ware are not in
This world unsung, unloved, alone, so know

Each night I ask my angel to do that which I may not do, to kiss
your sleeping eyes and cherish your hallowed soul.

For I will love you anyway.

September 10, 1994


About elrondsilvermaul

I never know what to say about myself. I let what I write try to speak as to who I am. I can only add, here, that I am 72, live in a nursing home, am twenty years a cancer survivor, and identify as a gay male. I intend to use this blog as storage for poems? written over the long years (and still being written). This does not preclude other uses.
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