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Friendship, John & Laureen

I was coming out of anesthesia following a colon cancer operation, my family gathered around. A sister leaned in to inform me that “her dog had had what I had, and they had to put her to sleep. Without missing … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve Eve

Christmas Eve Eve This is a little piece of silliness I wrote, today, for a writing exercise. I may clean it up, a little, (or a lot) and put it in my poem collection. Christmas Eve Eve Tis that dread … Continue reading

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On Tears

On Tears. Dedicated to Luminous Tears, which inspired a longer comment than I intended. by I do not shed tears for my own pain, at least not overtly. The last time I did was at the death of my … Continue reading

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On “Singing”

Why is it that people who can’t sing, insist on doing so? If they don’t have respect for the integrity of the music, why don’t they, at least, respect the presence of others around them? I love to sing, but … Continue reading

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America. From the beginning we made our history myth, our causes, the most noble, painting ourselves as a race made by God for others to follow. we will not hear more than the petty lies even we no longer believe, … Continue reading

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Magenta Silly

Magenta Silly What is the color of ma-gen-ta? How could I knot no? poiple? How can i say how ma-gen-ta the sky today if i dew knot have the cents of ma-gen-ta searde into that witch passes as my sole? … Continue reading

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Meditations on Le Grande Jatte

Meditations on Le Grande Jatte I could live inside the painting, perhaps near that workman lounging along the river bank, or better, as an almost shadow behind a tree, there, but not intruding, captured forever in beauty too profound for … Continue reading

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