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Games in a Strange Bar

Games in a Strange Bar Across a room of grim hilarity, forced solidarity, a rescuing smile lit my dark heart. The room became quickly smaller with this hint of comradeship; my hopes leapt quickly taller contemplating new friendship. Alas, the … Continue reading

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On The Beach- Reflection Tuesday, November 19, 1969 DBS Hearing a sharp cry above me, I look up to see one lonely seagull gliding in an endless series of spirals. Now and then, his wings flicker, but mostly, it seems … Continue reading

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To A Guitar Player

This is a copy of a letter I wrote to DBS on Oct. 19, 1969. TO A GUITAR PLAYER Last night, I watched your hands on the guitar, and shivering with the memory of the gentle fire that consumed me, … Continue reading

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For P.M.

For P.M. A lifetime ago, I loved you, Reason fled, Good intentions died in your splendorous smile. A whole lifetime ago, The caress of your lips said goodbye; Fortune laughed. Lonely, desolate, ignorant child, I, I’d never known death. But … Continue reading

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Einstein and I

Saw a picture of Albert Einstein’s desk on the day he died. My desks, since grammar school, have always looked like that desk. My eighth grade nun assigned Angeline Lapka, a classmate, the unwanted job of straightening out my desk, … Continue reading

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Fred Phelps dead

Fred Phelps, the “God hates fags” preacher is dead. Ironically, the man who worked, through religion, so evilly against gay people, died excommunicated from the “Church” he founded. It could also be said that, as a victim of Alzheimer’s, he … Continue reading

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Thoughts On Changing The World-edited

Thoughts On Changing The World Original written Dec. 2007 for Multiply Blog- Response to a comment- edit 2014 “…the claim that humanity can and must do what no God actually does or is able to do is both presumptuous and … Continue reading

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