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Boy Tears

Boy Tears Boy tears are no alligator water, No last chance fiction designed for winning. Boy tears are as rare as crystal jade swindled From miserly rocks, eons in their hoarding. Sudden as lava, boy tears scald stoic eyes, Burn … Continue reading

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Stories of Old Men (100 Words)

I have become my grandfather; I have become an old man, if not entirely in spirit, certainly in body. The value of old men, in part, is in the stories they tell; the problem is that we tell them over … Continue reading

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Cheney Declares (In Secret) That NSA Surveillance Could Have Prevented 9-11 and Calls NSA Abuses “Hogwash”

JONATHAN TURLEY A secret recording has surfaced of Vice President Dick Cheney speaking to the Republican Jewish Coalition where he held forth on various subjects — assuming that the session was closed to the public and press. Cheney appears to … Continue reading

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RE: Religious Freedom Restoration Act

With Apologies to my many Southern friends and family. Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant signed the Mississippi Religious Freedom Restoration Act into law, this afternoon . The law will allow anyone to discriminate against anyone else in the name of religious … Continue reading

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