Schizo towards God- 100 words

I know that I have a weird schizophrenic attitude towards God! On the one hand, there is that logical (?) assertion, in me, that there is something, some eternal, uncreated principle from which everything flows. The romantic in me wants IT to be sentient. I don’t necessarily want to bend IT to my will through prayer or sacrifice, but IT is such a handy thing to blame when things get fucked up. My burden of responsibility is thus so much lighter.

But just because I want IT, doesn’t make IT so, and I can not believe IT as so, without hard evidence.


About elrondsilvermaul

I never know what to say about myself. I let what I write try to speak as to who I am. I can only add, here, that I am 72, live in a nursing home, am twenty years a cancer survivor, and identify as a gay male. I intend to use this blog as storage for poems? written over the long years (and still being written). This does not preclude other uses.
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2 Responses to Schizo towards God- 100 words

  1. nowandzenn says:

    I totally get this, Ray. I’m almost 100% with you on it too. I do think that someo of the more recent discoveries in Physics are starting to “define” some part of it. I think there’s “something”, I just don’t know what that something is. We could simply be a lab experiment to some higher intelligence. Or we could be part and parcel of the whole shebang… We could actually be the sentient aspect of God, in one form at any rate – a lower vibration, physical form. I’ve been talking with Mary a bit about all of this (Mary Lacro Sienkiewicz). She is a very wise woman with an outlook very similar to Laureen’s. She gives me hope that there is something after we pass…. although most likely not really in the Biblical sense. But a continuation of sorts…

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  2. PennyD says:

    Gee, never thought of myself as schizoid, but hey, the more the merrier. I’m running along beside you on this one, Ray. Like I know there is something out there or in there, but not sure what IT is. I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

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