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Happenstance of Carnality

Happenstance of Carnality Always the alien, the set apart, the stranger I walk in shoes at once to big, and too small for my comfort I was a happenstance of careless carnality, unwelcome even as I was becoming- born legitimate … Continue reading

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There’ll Be Some Changes Made

There’ll Be Some Changes Made I’ve decided to try and break my Facebook habit. Ever since I got connected to it, my writing has suffered, and to my mind, sending pictures back and forth is social masturbation, not real communication. … Continue reading

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An Itch On the Mind.

Originally posted on UP!::urban po'E.Tree(s):
An Itch on the Mind What the hell’s this tingling I’m having in my brain? Is it conscious thought? What some call thinking? Or is it just electronic neurons blindly firing?…

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We do not…

We do not explore the woods, anymore. Eyes that could see, once, through to the light of tomorrow, can now barely see the next approaching tree; feet that once ran and leaped, now shuffle and trip over emergent roots, and … Continue reading

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Regarding Yesterday’s Rant (100 words)

Regarding yesterday’s rant- The nature of progress is always to destroy what is. This is not always a bad thing, just inconvenient to those comfortable with what was.There is however, so it seems to me, a moral question connected with … Continue reading

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On The New Technology – 100 words

Finally set up the new digital TV- and have encountered another example of progress that isn’t progress. I can’t seem to to get two major stations, and this is with the help of an expensive complentary antennae, and the few … Continue reading

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