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Esra: A Hat

Ezra:  A Hat A hat, on a chair, all adjectives, adverbs, apparitions aside, is just a hat on a chair. Ray Weaver Advertisements

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Always tell lies

Always tell lies- Always tell lies with a smile- light is swifter than sound- First impressions burrow deep And are more fastly bound. And we love not to disturb our sleep with grim reality- smiling lies arm our souls against … Continue reading

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The Interview

THE INTERVIEW On Wednesday, September third, I was interviewed by an associate of the About Face Theater, here in Chicago. The interview went wonderfully. I had two hours to talk about MYSELF! And if I do say so myself, I … Continue reading

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This is a re-write The First Dream He wanted, first, to be a dancer. No!, I speak wrongly! he wanted to be The Dance, to be through his body a mural of shapes, motion and beats, to write a rhythm … Continue reading

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100 Words- Something for Labor Day.

Labor Day: First established, Federally, in 1894, after the Pullman Strike. The September date was chosen to divorce it from the May 1 celebration of International Workers’ Day because of fear it would be connected to Communism. It’s the day … Continue reading

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