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Babel Cinquain

Babel Cinquain Raymond Weaver Babel- a colossus punching through to blue sky. But hey, how high can dry dung stack? Nice try. Advertisements

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Poet of the small spaces

Poet of the small spaces 11/23/14 I am a poet of the small spaces, the in-between moments of the momentous- the singer of a glance, a finger flick. a heart beat, sometimes a tear; I seek no seat at the … Continue reading

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Lines- An Experiment 2

Lines An Experiment-2 2. Hitler dead- New Fuhrer says “We Fight On.” The father: Not the eldest, not the youngest, not the only girl. His only key, Obedience. The Overlord demands “Return blood to fold.” The child is reclaimed from the nidifugous nest … Continue reading

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About Cats

About Cats I There ain’t no telling a cat squat, even when pretending to attend, it’s for their own amusement. Only by random graciousness will cats share sacred spaces; you can’t buy a purr they won’t give. II Cats sleek … Continue reading

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Kennewick Man Linked To Non-Native American Explorers In Contradiction To Claims Of Tribes and the Corps of Engineers

Originally posted on JONATHAN TURLEY:
We have previously discussed the controversy over Kennewick man, the 9,000 year old skeleton found along the bank of the Columbia River eighteen years ago. Putting aside the fact that the date of the skeleton…

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Bed of Nails

I found this browsing through a file of unfinished verses. It was written when I was 26 years old. Bed of Nails Oct. 14, 1968 Parsons have their churches, Prisoners have their jails, The lucky sleep on downy beds, Whilst … Continue reading

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Remembering Michael Greer I met Michael Greer back in the late sixties (?) when he was appearing in a Drag Show at the Redwood Inn titled Jack and The Giants.  He did an act called Don’t Mess With Mona in which he played the … Continue reading

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