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New Poll Shows Huge Gap Between The Views of Scientists and The Public Over Basic Questions From Evolution to Genetically Modified Food

JONATHAN TURLEY As new study by the respected Pew Research Center shows a striking disconnect between the views of scientists and the public on basic scientific questions. In eight out of thirteen science-oriented issues, there was a 20 percentage point … Continue reading

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On Homophobia- Personal Thoughts At its roots, homophobia stems from the tribal desire to preserve itself. Note that I use tribal to mean any social group, whether it be family, religious belief, or economic structure. Pressure is exerted, by the … Continue reading

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Not Charlie: Pope Francis Declares That There Must Be “Limits” To Free Speech In Criticizing Religion

JONATHAN TURLEY As many on this blog know, I am a great fan of Pope Francis who has brought an inspiring leadership to the Church that has drawn millions back to the faith. Given that admiration, I was disheartened to … Continue reading

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Again, we begin

Again, we begin again, we begin; cast off yesterday failures; nobody remembers.

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