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I knew so much

I knew so much I knew so much when I was young, so certain of  answers on the tip of my tongue- that others wouldn’t heed my sure wisdom, stung. The older I got the less I knew, every passing … Continue reading

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Wondering If you can’t say it in seventeen syllables, is it worth saying?

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Meaning? What is the meaning? Who will dare speak the comfort, the truth, of zero?

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I Want to Hear

This piece was written last week, before Hillary (June 7, 2008) suspended her campaign and endorsed Obama.  I found it in on an old blog site I used.  Let’s call this entry purpose Historical Reference.   I Want to Hear… … Continue reading

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On Life

On Life It’s a trick, slick- smokey mirrors, illusion- and then, YOU are not. If you save today for some myth of tomorrow, You will have lost twice.

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