100 Words- July 7

I have heard it suggested that the principle of conscientious objection, which was an option in the United States Armed Services when the Armed Services was a conscription organization, be applied to those who want to deny services to people of rainbow hue (gay people). If you can refuse a government order to kill someone because of a particular religious understanding, why not extend that freedom conscience to those with a religious bias against gay people?
My answer: conscientious objection was based on a respect for humanity, even the enemy’s. It was a positive action, not a humanity degrading bias.


About elrondsilvermaul

I never know what to say about myself. I let what I write try to speak as to who I am. I can only add, here, that I am 72, live in a nursing home, am twenty years a cancer survivor, and identify as a gay male. I intend to use this blog as storage for poems? written over the long years (and still being written). This does not preclude other uses.
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