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100 Words- June 13, 2015

I had something I’ve long known, regarding myself, reconfirmed during yesterday’s outing. Generally, women, straight and gay, respond to me much more warmly than do most men, of any persuasion. I don’t know why this is true, but it always … Continue reading

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Meaning? What is the meaning? Who will dare speak the comfort, the truth, of zero?

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Always tell lies

Always tell lies- Always tell lies with a smile- light is swifter than sound- First impressions burrow deep And are more fastly bound. And we love not to disturb our sleep with grim reality- smiling lies arm our souls against … Continue reading

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No Illusions- No Regrets

No Illusions- No Regrets One night- and vows I made swiftly fade, old despairs again replay- happy night, sorry day Same words I once called lies and so despised, now seemed truth in disguise. My oracle? Your eyes. Old scene- … Continue reading

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Thoughts On Changing The World-edited

Thoughts On Changing The World Original written Dec. 2007 for Multiply Blog- Response to a comment- edit 2014 “…the claim that humanity can and must do what no God actually does or is able to do is both presumptuous and … Continue reading

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No “Revelations” Here!

I have finally finished reading the Book of Revelation from beginning to end. I’ve tried to finish reading it any number of times since sometime in the nineteen-sixties, in various translations. Next to visiting Greece, it’s the item that has … Continue reading

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The Journey

The Journey Beginning in the silence of the mother’s womb, Then spat out nine months soon Into the noise of a galaxy’s room We end at last in a silent tomb. All else is illusion. Sept. 1998

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